Oreck Upright Vacuum Bags - 220

  • Product Code SDB220
  • Manufacturer Kenco

Packet of 5 Paper Bags


To fit the following Models:


All Oreck Uprights:
XL2005, XL2006, XL2007, XL20074, XL2205,XL2206, XL2325, XL2455, XL2545, XL2605, XL2635, XL2705, (includes all RH,HH RHPK models), XL100, XL200, XL5000, XL5300, XL8300, XL888, XL9100, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300E, XL9400, XL988, XL21, XL5, XL7, XL3, XL10, U2255, U2265, U2555, U2565, U3775, U3785, U3795, U4145, U4155, XL8000 with docking system, XL9000 with docking system

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