Kenwood KAX950ME Food Mincer Attachment

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Kenwood KAX950ME Food Mincer Attachment
  • High performance mincer for preparation of a variety of dishes
  • 3 screens included for course, medium and fine grinding of a variety of meats, nuts and vegetables
  • Includes unique sausage maker for fresh, healthy homemade sausages and a kebbe maker for specialist dishes
  • All metal body and scroll for high performance even with the toughest meats
  • Use the pusher to store the sausage and kebbe maker accessories and the hopper doubles as a lid for the storage container


Product CodeKAX950ME

Kenwood KAX950ME Food Mincer Attachment

Pack of 1

SKU: AW20011012, 710519

Fit to Models:

KCC90, KCC9040S, KCC9060S, KMA52, KMA54, KMX50 series, KMX60, KMX61, KMX6, KMX71, KMX750 Series, KMX754, KMX760GD, KMX80 Series, KPL9000S PRO, KVC30, KVC3000S, KVC31, KVC3100S, KVC3100W, KVC3103W, KVC3110S, KVC3130S, KVC3150S, KVC3170S, KVC3170W, KVC3173S, KVC3173W, KVC50, KVC5000T, KVC5001B, KVC5001G, KVC5001P, KVC5001Y, KVC5010T, KVC5020T, KVC5030T, KVC5040T, KVC5050T, KVC53, KVC5300S, KVC5319S, KVC5320S, KVC54, KVC5401S, KVC73, KVC7300S, KVC7320S, KVC7350S, KVC74, KVC7411S, KVL41, KVL4100S, KVL4100W, KVL4110S, KVL4120S, KVL4140S, KVL4154S, KVL4170S, KVL4170W, KVL4180S, KVL42, KVL4220S, KVL4230S, KVL60, KVL6000T, KVL6010S, KVL6010T, KVL6020T, KVL6030T, KVL6040T, KVL6050T, KVL61, KVL6100B, KVL6100G, KVL6100P, KVL6100S, KVL6100T, KVL6100Y, KVL6120T, KVL6140T, KVL6170S, KVL6300S, KVL6320S, KVL6324S, KVL6330S, KVL6350S, KVL6370S, KVL6410S, KVL6420S, KVL83, KVL8300S, KVL8320S, KVL8350S, KVL8361S, KVL84, KVL8400S, KVL8430S, KVL8460S, KVL8470S, KVL8472S